What 's Mangosteen?

Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) 
is a tropical evergreen tree. 
The taste is sweet and sour.

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Anti-oxidants help you repair 
the cells that are attacked 
by free radicals ... 

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17 REASONS.....
Why do healthy people
drink Mangosteen?

Mangosteen Benefits & Research

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Free Radicals and Antioxidants


“Free Radicals” are substances that are formed in the body through oxidation
reactions. Free radicals can damage cells and tissue. They are the most significant risk contributing factors for cancer, heart disease, diabetes and alzimers. The body is subjected to free radicals from the environment; such as pollution, and radiation.  Cigarette smoke, consumption alcohol and some drugs can also cause free radicals to be formed in the body.

Normally, our body can tolerate moderate amounts of free radicals. But when we get older, the ability to defend against free radicals decreases.  In addition, the rate of free radical production increases with age. If free radical levels in the body become excessive, damage can occur. However, we can protect our body against the destructive effects of free radicals by eating fresh fruits and vegetables, such as mangosteen, pomegranate, grape, orange, garlic, cabbage and lettuce, all of which contain antioxidants.

ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance)

Nowadays, we can measure how much ability any type of food has to oppose free radicals by the way of an international standard known as ORAC. Although it is complex, the results of these measurements are the basis for evaluating a food’s efficiency in combating free radicals. From the measurements, we can ascertain the efficiency levels of ORAC. Foods with high ORAC scores show high efficiency in protecting against free radicals, which have been known to cause many diseases such as cancer, heart disease, etc.

How much do we have to eat of each kind of food in order to get enough ORAC a day? The answer varies from person to person, based on such factors as age, fitness level, and life style. Some studies have suggested that a person should consume between 3,000 -5,000 units of ORAC in fruits and vegetable a day, in order to remain healthy and reduce the risk of numerous chronic diseases.

The studies have shown that the antioxidant levels in the blood will increase around 10 to 25% by consumption of fruits and vegetables, particularly those high in antioxidant capacity.

Food with a higher ORAC value have a greater antioxidant potential than those with low values. The food that tend to rank the highest in ORAC values are fruits with mangosteen , pomegranate, grape, blueberry , other fruit juice.

Now there's a new classification of antioxidants called xanthones, are discovered in the mangosteen fruit. Xanthones are powerful antioxidant that antioxidant activity is balance for free radicals through your body, literally mopping up the free radicals on their way, leaving your body cleaner and healthier than before.

You can now easily see many mangosteen products in various forms such as mangosteen fruit, mangosteen juice, mangosteen extract, mangosteen powder, mangosteen capsules. These all mangosteen products can help support antioxidant activity in your body.

So, Let’s try Mangosteen, the natural antioxidant, by beginning to find mangosteen products you like by observing the state of ORAC score on their labels. High Orac scores, High Antioxidants.


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