What 's Mangosteen?

Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) 
is a tropical evergreen tree. 
The taste is sweet and sour.

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Anti-oxidants help you repair 
the cells that are attacked 
by free radicals ... 

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17 REASONS.....
Why do healthy people
drink Mangosteen?

Mangosteen Benefits & Research

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GreatAsia - 100% Mangosteen Juice

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Great Asia is made from the soft white pulp of mangosteen mixed with mangosteen rind extracted, which provides an excellent source of powerful anti-oxidant named "Xanthone" and of Vitamins to help protect against the damaging effects of free radical.
It has no added sugar ,no preservative ,no artificial flavoring and no coloring. 
Full-textured, Real fruity-tasting, Delicious drink.
Mangosteen juice of Greatasia has been manufactured under strict control throughout the production process in the modern technology and international standard factory.

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Item code

: PCN0901-1

Ingredients : 100%Mangosteen Juice
Volume : 325ml glass bottle
1 box : 12 bottles
Shelf Life : 1 Year
ORAC : xxx umol/kg
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No preservatives
No added sugar
No artificial flavors
No artificial colors


GreatAsia Mangosteen Juices
Great Taste! Great Nutrition!

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The best Quality Product from Asia.

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